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The community of cooks who love to eat, share and exchange around food and healthy and sustainable consumption.

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Culinary sharing for companies

Fort d’un réseau de cuisiniers plein de savoirs et de bonne humeur, ainsi que d’un espace chaleureux propice aux moments ludiques et conviviaux, Chefs en Cuisine ouvre son offre aux  entreprises pour favoriser la cohésion des équipes après une période si stressante et pleine d’incertitudes.

The community of foodies Chefs en Cuisine

Do you want to share new kinds of experiences? Do you want to discover the power of your plate and share your passion for cooking?

Then you've come to the right place!

But what exactly is Chefs en Cuisine?

The gastronomic world is bursting with committed citizens who defend healthy and sustainable food, promote their authentic culinary traditions and reduce food waste.

With the help of these heroes of gastronomy, sustainable development and sharing, you will be able to give free rein to your creativity, imagination and culinary potential.

Hélène, Founder of Chefs en Cuisine

Helene Moulin

The Chefs en Cuisine project was founded by Hélène Moulin. Born in Paris, Hélène lives under the star of ethnic diversity. Hélène uses her extensive experience in large-scale corporate events and her expertise in promoting artisans to give gastronomic talents the opportunity to shine.


It has partnered with experts in many fields to offer the best service to chefs and food industry professionals.

We enable chefs and sustainable food professionals in Switzerland to participate in the economic, social and cultural life of the region.
We promote the benefits of "homemade" and educate the public on the benefits of local agricultural products and explore the best ways to cook and eat them healthy!
Above all, we encourage local involvement to get our members involved in the life of their region.

They talk about us here too (in French)

Discover the history of Chefs
en Cuisine

If you understand French, turn it up and listen to this exclusive interview on the vision of Chefs en Cuisine.

Interview with Hélène, founder of Chefs en Cuisine

Hélène tells you the reason why she is committed to bringing together lovers of good flavors.